FENCES AND GATES was established in 1978 to service the need for fencing in mainly the domestic and factory markets where the need for fencing and security was very different from todays requirements; where crime is so prevalent in every aspect of our lives. Over the past 10 years the fencing industry has had to move forward at a rapid rate to keep pace with increasing demand for security, as well as the rapid rate of housing construction in the Cape. The business has evolved over the past 38 years to encompass all aspects of the security requirements of our customers, whether it be a low tech, razor wire installation through to high tech steel fences which are electrified, CCTV, Fibre optically monitored and fully automated via computer controlled software.

SIZE OF BUSINESS: Fences and Gates currently employs 45 staff.
4 Full time sales staff, 3 admin staff members, a factory supervisor, a contracts manager, 11 site foremen and 70 fencing construction staff. Our policy is to recruit our new staff requirements from the local community and train them in-house to our specific standards. Our site foremen are highly motivated and experienced in all aspects of site installation.